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The right personal lubricant makes good loving great. These five varieties can enhance seduction or self-pleasure.
By Rebekah SagerApril 6, 2020
Slash money-wasting “basics” that are actually non-essentials.
Behind on bills or retirement savings? Build friendships that help you build wealth.
By Elizabeth WhiteApril 6, 2020
A few simple lifestyle changes could be the solution.
By Anissa GabbaraApril 29, 2022
Get pro tips on protecting your hair, finding products, picking a shade, working with a colorist, choosing a wig and more.
By Princess GabbaraOctober 14, 2022
Sisters from the Basara tribe have been using chebe powder for centuries to reduce breakage. It’s no wonder that hair care brands tout this buzzed-about ingredient.
By Anissa GabbaraNovember 4, 2022
When it comes to natural products that help us look and feel our best, this multitasker could be the hardest-working item in your pantry right now.​
By Princess GabbaraJuly 29, 2022
From growth serums to gentle cleansers and nourishing edge controls, they’ve got us covered.
By Princess GabbaraMay 26, 2022
This inexpensive treatment “absolutely” works, says scientist and hair expert Gaby Longsworth, Ph.D. Here’s how to try it.
By Leslie Quander WooldridgeAugust 19, 2022
Even your girlfriends may not share what’s happening “down there,” but know that these 5 little surprises are common and not cause for distress. I’m in my 40s and starting to deal with them, too.
By Janelle King, RNNovember 4, 2022