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Don’t miss out on discounted salon and spa services, complimentary samples, dupes that rival luxury cosmetic brands and much more.
, March 18, 2022
Need a new go-to do that won’t damage natural waves, curls or coils? Consider these trendy and stylish options. Plus, a celebrity hairstylist offers tips and tricks.
, March 4, 2022
Headed to the office after months on Zoom? Need looks that can bridge seasons? Here’s how to achieve effortless style.
, March 4, 2022
Plastic surgery and personal trainers, or protein and a positive outlook? You might be surprised how these lovely leading ladies keep looking their best.
, January 21, 2022
Dress up or down for your workday, weekend or date night. Plus: The best styles and washes for your height, size and shape.
, January 13, 2022
The journey is different now — but worth it. Celebrity hairstylists offer professional advice on nurturing new growth, heat-free style options and whether to opt for a ‘big chop.’
, January 7, 2022
Millions watch Kee Taylor’s ‘Deeper Than Hair TV’ videos on YouTube. Here’s her DIY advice for supporting growth, preventing breakage and making styles last.
, December 29, 2021
First of all, ignore those YouTube tutorials if you’re over 50. Now let’s get down to business.
, December 29, 2021
Meet the moment calm, happy and put together with these handy helpers in your handbag or tote. Plus: 7 things to remove immediately for your protection.
, December 22, 2021
Arms getting tired? Whether your curl pattern is 3B, 4C or somewhere in between, these products and pro tips can help speed up and streamline care for your natural hair.
, December 10, 2021
Cheekbones for days! Celebrity makeup artists help you brush up on how to sculpt a round, oblong, square, oval, diamond- or heart-shaped face.
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