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Self Care

Activity anytime is good, but this two-hour window might maximize your waist-whittling efforts.
, June 20, 2024
I’m happier now that I no longer wake up craving donuts. And I’ll never think about my favorite food truck order the same way again.
, June 20, 2024
Here’s how a simple exercise helps chef Babette Davis stay fit at 73. Plus: A certified personal trainer reveals moves for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
, June 13, 2024
Want to drop a dress size? Choosing the right yogurt can make a difference if you are working toward a healthy weight. Plus: We’ve got tasty summer recipes!
, June 13, 2024
Sit-ups aren’t for everyone. You could tighten your abs and burn 200 calories in a half-hour session of chair yoga.
, June 6, 2024
After age 50, smoothies can be a fantastic addition to a nutrition or weight loss plan.
, May 23, 2024
Learn which yoga posture, done daily for three weeks, helped one sister lose inches off her waist and tone her abs. Plus: 5 more yoga moves to help whittle the waistline.
, May 16, 2024
Enjoy sun, sand, sisterhood and sanctuary at these scenic and sister-friendly escapes. Relax stateside a short drive from home, or at beautiful resorts from Puerto Rico to Portugal.
, May 16, 2024
We asked a top trainer how to get the tight tummy and rounded rear that curve models are famous for.
, May 15, 2024
Looking to relax, refresh, quench your thirst and connect within the community? Try a healthy hangout like these cafes across the country. 
, May 9, 2024
Feeling lonely can affect your health. 8 ways to grow your relationships and feel more connected — right now.
, February 13, 2020
Work & Money
Sis, you’re not Superwoman. Here’s how to avoid doing too much and feel less stress.
February 13, 2020