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Two days before the release of a documentary detailing her health struggles, representatives also disclose that she's been diagnosed with aphasia.
If you’re booked and busy but still trying to shed pounds, you can stay healthy while you’re on the go with these high-protein portable snacks.
, February 14, 2024
Are you saving the good sheets for guests, a clothing purchase for when you lose weight or a weekend away for when work slows down? Ask yourself four questions.
, February 14, 2024
Get more of what you want, get a better sense of calm and control and get on a path to and get better control with this mental reset.
, February 14, 2024
These resorts aim to create an inclusive experience for all guests, with accommodations and amenities larger people will appreciate.
, February 14, 2024
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These money moves from the famed millionaire can help you work toward wealth today.
February 22, 2024
If you’re over 40, check-in with your skin. Shifts in your skincare routine could yield beautiful results in tone, texture and firmness. A facialist can help.
Self-care is key
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What is your self-care practice to reduce stress?
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Quiz: Do you know what your gray half-zip hoodie, your magenta bow-neck blouse or your yellow-painted, paneled front door are telling others?
, February 8, 2024
Experience the soul of Africa with a sojourn closer to home. Discover destinations in the Americas that connect us to our roots.
, May 5, 2023
For a gorgeous, thick, shiny and soft crown, chow down!
, September 6, 2019
Black women giving care to dependent loved ones typically devote 31 hours each week to this labor of love. Pro tips for finding balance — and getting a break.
, October 29, 2021